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Green Career Opportunities for Veterans

Career Opportunities for Veterans

Veterans who have now given up their full-time job, the idea of settling at home and doing nothing can be repulsive for a variety of reasons. Some people are so used to working, and relaxing for more than a few days becomes a problem and they start feeling that they are useless and are wasting their time. Others simply don’t want to become a burden on others and want to fulfill their requirements on their own. There is a small minority of people who get bored when at home and thus, begin to look to try out a new job after leaving their full-time job that they had held on for a long time.

The only hurdle for veterans in finding a job is that most don’t know which job would suit their requirements the best, would engage them and would get them good reward. Currently one of the leading employers of veterans is found at the application for Mcdonalds. There are various career opportunities for veterans, but since most don’t know about these opportunities, they don’t try them out. Here are some of the best career opportunities for veterans in the current scenario.

Online Writing/Editing/Marketing

Working from home is best suited for veterans who don’t think that their body can take the rigors of consistent travelling day in and day out. Online writing and editing is a tough job that requires time but if you have the skill to write purposefully and to edit out copies effectively then carving a career as an online copywriter and editor would suit you. However, even if you are not blessed with writing talent, you can try your hand at online marketing which requires only intelligent and eloquent marketing skills. Whichever way one might go, work from home jobs fulfill all the requirements of the veterans i.e. they are interesting, they are rewarding and they aren’t as hectic as outdoor jobs.

Motivational Speaker

With experience on your side and with the knowledge of how the world works, veterans can always try their hand at motivation speaking too if they have a good reputation within their social circle and have eloquent speaking ability. Motivational speaking requires a bit of travelling for delivering speeches, research and practice but it is worth all the effort too.

Technical Repair and Service

Repair and service jobs are great for veterans who love to get outside their homes everyday to do a proper job. By becoming a part of technical crew that is involved in repair and maintenance business, veterans who love action and veterans who love physical work would be best suited for such jobs. Having experience in such jobs helps but usually a little training can set you well for a nice and healthy job in this sector.

Library staff

If you enjoy books, want to have a walk every day, love the company of silent readers then taking up jobs in libraries would be a great idea. While librarian would be your best shot, the task of arranging books and working through the entire collections to provide information about what is missing is also handled by library staff and you could try your hand here too if you feel like it.

It remains important that whatever career opportunity veterans look out for, they keep their physical capability and health in mind. You won’t want to go for a hectic job if you aren’t doing well on the health front while you won’t want to work from home when you love outdoor action. Choose your career well and you would have a great life post-retirement as well!