The Chance to Create Environmental Jobs for Veterans

Environmental or Green Jobs for Veterans

Veterans might find it difficult to find jobs once their regular job ends, as usually companies don’t prefer hiring veterans for their job openings. However, there still remain avenues where veterans can try their luck and can succeed in landing jobs as well. One such avenue which is great in this regard for veterans belonging to various professions is the green job niche.

Environmental or green jobs are excellent for veterans as there are many jobs in this niche which aren’t very demanding and where the background of the people and their expertise hardly matters. There are various types of environmental or green jobs available for the veterans in the current scenario and here is a list of areas of the environmental niche where veterans are usually welcomed with open arms by employers.

Environmental Conservation

The job in an environmental conservation is ideal for veterans who have basic training and knowledge about the environmental condition of the world. Job requirements might vary but such jobs usually require research rather than outdoor work and would suit veterans who have had vast experience in research related jobs and who don’t want a hectic outdoor job.

Wild Land Firefighting

A job in the green sector tailored for army veterans, wild land firefighting is an outdoor job that requires a bit of training and a background in handling weapons too. Army veterans find this job suitable as it uses their past experience and helps them remain involved with work that they can relate with. So, army veterans should usually look out for wild land firefighting jobs so as to ensure that they can easily adjust to civilian life without really distancing themselves from their army background.

Solar Panel Maintenance and Installation

Solar panels have become extensively popular in public as they are a great source of renewable energy. The best thing about solar panels is that they don’t cost much and thus, many people prefer to install solar panels in their home these days. This has given rise to companies which offer solar panel installation and maintenance services and such companies have a tendency to use the services of veterans. A simple and effective green job, solar panel installation and maintenance needs very little training and thus, veterans for different backgrounds can easily land this job.

Wild Life Research

A green job that serves a wonderful purpose, wild life research remains an excellent job opportunity for all veterans who have an interest in wild life. Wild life research is mostly a desk job and hardly requires outdoor ventures and thus, if you are one who won’t want to roam outside too much in your job then a wild life research job would fit you perfectly. Companies working in the field prefer veterans as they have more experience and have time on their hands too and thus, can put in the effort needed to do well in the job.

All in all, there are a number of green and environmental jobs available for the veterans. All one needs to do is to find a job that suits his requirements and then get the basic training so as to become eligible for it. With proper training to back up your credentials, companies won’t hesitate in signing you up!

Green Career Opportunities for Veterans

Career Opportunities for Veterans

Veterans who have now given up their full-time job, the idea of settling at home and doing nothing can be repulsive for a variety of reasons. Some people are so used to working, and relaxing for more than a few days becomes a problem and they start feeling that they are useless and are wasting their time. Others simply don’t want to become a burden on others and want to fulfill their requirements on their own. There is a small minority of people who get bored when at home and thus, begin to look to try out a new job after leaving their full-time job that they had held on for a long time.

The only hurdle for veterans in finding a job is that most don’t know which job would suit their requirements the best, would engage them and would get them good reward. Currently one of the leading employers of veterans is found at the application for Mcdonalds. There are various career opportunities for veterans, but since most don’t know about these opportunities, they don’t try them out. Here are some of the best career opportunities for veterans in the current scenario.

Online Writing/Editing/Marketing

Working from home is best suited for veterans who don’t think that their body can take the rigors of consistent travelling day in and day out. Online writing and editing is a tough job that requires time but if you have the skill to write purposefully and to edit out copies effectively then carving a career as an online copywriter and editor would suit you. However, even if you are not blessed with writing talent, you can try your hand at online marketing which requires only intelligent and eloquent marketing skills. Whichever way one might go, work from home jobs fulfill all the requirements of the veterans i.e. they are interesting, they are rewarding and they aren’t as hectic as outdoor jobs.

Motivational Speaker

With experience on your side and with the knowledge of how the world works, veterans can always try their hand at motivation speaking too if they have a good reputation within their social circle and have eloquent speaking ability. Motivational speaking requires a bit of travelling for delivering speeches, research and practice but it is worth all the effort too.

Technical Repair and Service

Repair and service jobs are great for veterans who love to get outside their homes everyday to do a proper job. By becoming a part of technical crew that is involved in repair and maintenance business, veterans who love action and veterans who love physical work would be best suited for such jobs. Having experience in such jobs helps but usually a little training can set you well for a nice and healthy job in this sector.

Library staff

If you enjoy books, want to have a walk every day, love the company of silent readers then taking up jobs in libraries would be a great idea. While librarian would be your best shot, the task of arranging books and working through the entire collections to provide information about what is missing is also handled by library staff and you could try your hand here too if you feel like it.

It remains important that whatever career opportunity veterans look out for, they keep their physical capability and health in mind. You won’t want to go for a hectic job if you aren’t doing well on the health front while you won’t want to work from home when you love outdoor action. Choose your career well and you would have a great life post-retirement as well!

Why Green Jobs Might be a Good Industry for Veterans

Why Green Jobs Might be a Good Industry for Veterans

Employment rates for veterans are usually not that high because either the veterans don’t want a job, or companies aren’t ready to hire them. Usually, it is a mixture of the two. Some veterans believe that they have done their fair share of work and like to relax and enjoy their lives. Other veterans look for jobs, but find that employers don’t favor their CVs as compared to some of their younger counterparts.

Yet, the job situation isn’t as bleak for the veterans as it seems. There remain a variety of industries where veterans have found good success as far as landing jobs is concerned and one such industry is the greenery and environment industry. Greenery and environment industry usually consists of companies and firms looking to establish environmental stability and to ensure that activities that affect the environment of the world are stopped or are limited at least. Many veterans remain circumspect about jobs in this field even though it suits their requirements the best. Here are a few reasons why green jobs might well prove to be the most effective industry for veterans.

Good Source of Income

First and foremost, you get paid well in this field and get more for your work in most cases. While usually the salary might vary from job to job, you won’t be disappointed by your paycheck after taking up a job here. Decent income is one thing that is hard to find after age is not on your side and thus, green jobs prove a perfect help in this regard at least.

More Research, Less Outdoor Work

Usually green jobs require research on the part of employees rather than a lot of outdoor ventures and outdoor work. While trips are made in order to conduct reviews and researches but such trips aren’t as hectic as consistent outdoor physical work and therefore, this suits the capabilities of veterans pretty well. Since these jobs don’t require daily travelling and daily physical work, veterans remain as much capable of performing comfortably in these jobs as middle aged strong men. So, overall, such jobs prove helpful in putting young men on par with the veterans and actually provide the veterans a chance to outshine their younger counterparts due to their experience in this world.

A Noble Cause

Working in this field can bring the feeling of achievement and can help in really feeling proud of your work. Since all the work done in these jobs is to ensure that the environment doesn’t get affected by humanly acts and to ensure that environmental pollution is minimized, one can always take heart from the fact that he is working for the entire humanity by signing up for such jobs.

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All in all, green jobs are great for veterans, as they aren’t as hectic as jobs in other sectors, require more research than outdoor work, and are a fine and steady source of income too. Weighing all these pros up and seeing the fact that most industries don’t prefer veterans as much, green jobs are the perfect chance for a veteran to carve a career for himself even with age not on his side.